Iman family notes

Refugees of 1671

In 1671 a letter was issued to members of Mennonite congregations in Amsterdam in a plea for donations to aid Swiss Mennonite refugees who were fleeing Switzerland and settling in the Pfalz. The stories of imprisonment, torture, branding, and banishment generated financial support among Mennonites of Amsterdam. The following notations are from books of accounting which provide records of donations to the 146 household receiving assistance. Among those receiving aid were Melchior Brenneman, "the prisoner", Michael and Christian Schenk, and the Eymans.

109. Waartenberg

Hans Eyman (b/65) about 48 years. Left his wife and his children, 5 in number. He has been in prison.

1 clothing


2 shirts


and if the wife comes, 1
who is not yet in the congregation

1 cow


1 cart


146. Tienen by Openum

Michael Kaufman and Anna Eyman, his wife, each about 60 years old, have 5 children the oldest over 20, the youngest 7 years.

3 mattresses


2 comfoerters


4 sheets


6 shirts


1 man's and
1 woman's clothing


clothing for 5 children


2 horses


1 cow and 2 pigs


food and seed corn




(1) Although this seems to raise the question as to whether Hans' wife shared in his beliefs (families were being torn apart on such issues), the wife did join Hans and was likely pregnant at the point of departure. The record suggests that Hans has been emprisoned; perhaps in the basement of Thun Castle, along with the Melchior Brenneman who was also involved in this group of refugees. According to annecdotes from Shanks, Eymans even in the Pfalz often risked censure for "re-baptizing" others, a practice much admonished by the local authorities.