Iman family notes

Palatine Mennonite Census Lists 1664-1793

Swiss Anabaptists who fled Switzerland often settled in the mountains or valleys along the Rhine in Germany, though the land was independent in those days or sometimes a part of France. Actually, the "Kurpfalz" was an autonomous state headed by a sovereign who opted for a bit of religious tolerance since the Swiss were good at managing estates in this war-torn land. Nonetheless, these "migrants" were closely watched, paid for their freedom, and lived with many restrictions. Thus, "census lists" so as to ensure that there weren't too many congregating in any districts. Guth and Mast families published "Palatine Mennonite Census Lists 1664-1793" by translating european archives.

1717 -- Obermt Lautern - 19 Mennonite families listed for this area. Johannes Eymann {Other names on this list of great importance to Eyman genealogists include Johannes Krayenbuehl, Nickel Mueller, Adam Brenneman, Hans Kaufmann, Johannes Lichti} (Note that other transcribers have listed Eymans at Alzey, though the authors claim that the list was established by the Oeramt Lautern.

1724 -- Alsenbrueck – 4 Mennonites. Hans Eymann and Hans Eichelberger are farmers on the Sattelhof. On the so-called Geiselhof on the same property, are the farmers Ulrich Fuchs and Hans Fuchs. The latter does not own any possessions and tries to earn a living from other people.

1753 -- Oberamt Alzey - Nack -- Christian Eymann, wife, 3 daus. Here since 1751

1753 –- Imsweiller – Jakob Eymann, wife, 3 sons, and 3 daughters. Two families have lived on this estate for the past 36 years. Also at Imsweiler was Ulrich Lichti, son of the late Johannes Lichti, living at the city mill at Otterberg and responsible for half the Geiselhof estate where he was employed by Jacob Eymann.

1759 -- Unteramt Rockenhausen –- Imsweiller -- Jakob Eymann, wife Anna, sons Christian 17, Ulrich 15, Johann Jacob, 3, and daughters Katharina, 19, Barbara, 10, Magdalena, 5, and Christina, 3 years.

1768 -- Imsweiler – Jakob Eymann

1773 -- Unteramt Rockenhausen –- Imsweiler – Jakob Eymann, wife, son, and 2 daughters