Iman family notes

Iman/Eyman/Eiman/Eyeman/Eymann/Egman/Eymon etc.

Pennsylvania Timeline

My goal in developing this timeline was to try to identify who was where when, among early Eymans who had migrated to America. Similar timelines will be developed for Virginia and Illinois, though some reference findings will appear here. These are working notes and not a firm genealogy. Included are tips and notes for future research. Original name spellings have been used for the most part. Where data is "rumor" or "estimated" it's qualified with such terms. References are often, but not always provided. Questions are sometimes provided in text, but will also be highlighted with footnotes. Some cryptic notes related to sources are primarily for jogging my old brain to remember email associates. Please challenge or corroborate any of this information. The items are numbered in order to facilitate dialog.

  1. 1740 birth of a Christian Eyman buried at Fehl’s farm[i].
  2. 1749 John Henry, son of John Gunkel and Christine, born February 3, 1749, bapt. April 30, 1749. Sponsors: Henry Egman and Anna Barbara Egmann[ii]
  3. 1749 Jacob Eimann arrives St. Andrews 9/9/1749 from Alsace, son of Christian <1701> and Anna Gerber, married in Germany abt. 1746[iii]
  4. 1750 Joseph Steinman, Conestoga Township, advertises that his German servant, Andreas Fehl, 19 years old, ran away[iv].
  5. 1754 Marriage of Jacob Eman and Mary Brumbach on Sept 23, 1754 in Chester County PA[v]?
  6. 1760 estimated birth of a Christian Eyman buried at Fehl’s farm[vi]
  7. 1763 LDS IGI says a Christian Eimann born in Lancaster[vii]
  8. 1764 Ulrich Eymaunn arrives on Hero with Maria Agatha Essig and young Johan Heinrich Eyman[viii].
  9. 1765 Ulrich dies. probate book of wills spells his name Iman and Eyeman, shows distribution of cash from sale[ix]
  10. 1765 rumored marriage of a Christian Eymann and a Catheriina abt. 1765 Conestoga
  11. 1765 Magdalena Eyman m. Adam Shank[x]
  12. 1766 Ulrich’s orphan court record relating to Johan Heinrich “Henry"[xi]
  13. 1767 An Agatha Eyman appears as sponsor of a baptism for Maria Agatha of Peter Kopf and Mary Magdalene, born Feb 8, 1767, bapt. Aug 12, 1767[xii]
  14. 1767 Abraham Eyman born Lancaster - of whom?[xiii]
  15. 1768 Magdalena Shenk born of Magdalena Eyman, married Abraham Brenneman in Rockingham 1790 or so[xiv].
  16. 1769 Jacob Eyman - Upper Paxtang - lower district tax finding[xv]
  17. 1770 Jacob Eyman - Upper Paxtang - lower district tax finding
  18. 1771 Christian Eyman - Freeman Conestoga
  19. 1771 Christian Eyman of Bethel Township sells land in Cumberland adjoining that acquired by his father?[xvi]
  20. 1772 Christian Eyman - Freeman Conestoga tax listing[xvii]
  21. 1772 Jacob Eyman - Upper Paxtang tax
  22. 1772 tax rolls show an Egman for Paxtang[xviii]
  23. 1773 Issac Lefewer, widower, married Maria Eimaenin, widow, of Lampeter at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster[xix].
  24. 1775 -76 Jacob and Christopher Eyeman join Capt. James Murray’s Co. Paxtang militia[xx]
  25. 1776 Henry Eyman at Battle of White Plains[xxi]
  26. 1777 Jacob Eyman - Upper Paxtang - shows 70 acres, 2 horses, 3 cows, 4 sheep, other items.. still? mill?[xxii]
  27. 1777 Christy Eyman - Upper Paxtang - Freeman
  28. 1777 Jacob Eyman - Upper Paxtang - Freeman
  29. 1777-80 Henry Eyman Militia card file[xxiii]
  30. 1778 Jacob Eyeman Oath of Allegiance in Lancaster November - no Justice of Peace name provided[xxiv].
  31. 1778 Jacob Eyman Military card file[xxv]
  32. 1778 Christle Eyman Military card file[xxvi]
  33. 1779 Jacob Eyman & Christle[xxvii]
  34. 1779 Christian Eyman - Freeman Conestoga tax/census finding
  35. 1779 Jacob Eyman - Upper Paxtang tax finding
  36. 1779 Christy Eyman - freeman - Upper Paxtang tax finding
  37. 1779 Jacob Eyman - freeman - Upper Paxtang tax finding
  38. 1779 Henry Eyman - freeman Lampeter tax finding. Strangely two Henry Eymans appeared on the rolls!
  39. 1779 deed for Jacob Eyman land in Middle Paxton on Clark’s Creek with Jacob Raeif, farmer and distiller[xxviii]
  40. 1780 Jacob Eayman freeman in Colerain Twp., Lancaster on tax list[xxix]
  41. 1780 Jacob Eyeman - Upper Paxtang
  42. 1780 A Christian Eyman DAR application information (Graybill version)[xxx]
  43. 1780 Chrisley Eyeman Military card file - fine return? [xxxi]
  44. 1780 tax records for Lancaster County lists Christian Eyman of Cocalico Township as a freeman[xxxii]
  45. 1780 - 81 Christian Eyman military fines - duplicate note[xxxiii]
  46. 1780-83 Henry Eyeman Militia card file [xxxiv]
  47. 1780-83 Christian Eyeman Military card file[xxxv]
  48. 1781 Christle Eyeman Cumberland Soldier[xxxvi]
  49. 1781 Christly Eyeman Military card file[xxxvii]
  50. 1782 Jacob Eyman - Upper Paxtang tax finding
  51. 1782 Peter Eyman as Revolutionary War Veteran - DAR application[xxxviii]
  52. 1782 Henry Eyman Militia card file[xxxix]
  53. 1782 Peter Eyman Military card file[xl]
  54. 1783 Jacob Eiman - Upper Paxtang - tax finding
  55. 1783 Henry Egman m Maria Seeger of Lampeter 3 Jun 1783 First Reformed Church[xli]
  56. 1783 Henry Egmann marries Mary Seeger June 03, First Reformed of Lancaster[xlii]
  57. 1784 First Reformed Lancaster notes birth of Maria Eyman daughter of Henry and Maria April 18, 1784
  58. 1784 Magdalena Eyman and Adam Shank migrate to Rockingham
  59. 1784 Jacob Eyeman Military card file - fines list[xliii]
  60. 1784 Christian Eyman Military card file[xliv]
  61. 1784 Christian Eyman was on the muster roll of the 5th Company of the 7th Battalion of Lancaster Militia 1784[xlv]
  62. 1784 Henry Eyman was on the muster roll of the 5th Company of the 7th Battalion of Lancaster Militia 1784[xlvi]
  63. 1785 LDS IGI says Christian Eimann married Catherine abt 1785 Hardy film 2034597
  64. 1785 Henry listed as carpenter for tax purposes in Lampeter Township
  65. 1786 First Reformed Lancaster notes birth of Henry Eyman daughter of Henry and Maria February 9, 1786
  66. 1786 Unknown Eyman arrives to America, brings religious book as give for Henrich Rhein in Northumberland. This was a First Reformed of Reading family; among the first cabinet makers and undertakers. No record of Eymans in this Berks County area.
  67. 1786 Christian Eyman appears in Hardy on tax rolls with 2 tithables; likely self and one other (Peter?)
  68. 1787 First Reformed Lancaster notes birth of Susanna Eyman daughter of Henry and Maria Oct 28, 1787
  69. 1787 Christian Egmann and Susanna Heisi (Conestoga) married First Reformed Church Lancaster - Oct 23 1787[xlvii]
  70. 1787 Jacob Egmann of Upper Paxtang m. Barbara Jones of Donegal Dec 11, 1787.
  71. 1787 Christian Eyman in Hardy with someone over 21 - tax finding[xlviii]
  72. 1788 Peter Eyman appears on Hardy Co Virginia tax rolls for the first time.
  73. 1788 undocumented report of marriage between Christian Eyman and Susan Graybill in Lancaster[xlix]
  74. 1789 Christy Ayeman on tax list Lancaster Co, PA
  75. 1789 Henry Eyeman sells land to Paul Lantz[l]
  76. 1789 Peter Eyman marries Hanna Whetstone in Hardy
  77. 1790 Jacob and Henry Ehiman of Manor Twp??[li]
  78. 1790 Henry Eyman/Eiman federal census Lampeter, Lancaster
  79. 1790 First Reformed Lancaster notes birth of Elizabeth Eyman daughter of Henry and May 21, 1790
  80. 1790 Christian Eiman federal census Conestoga - adjoining Daniel Brenneman[lii]
  81. 1790 Catherine Egmann m. John Schaffner of Derry Twp 26/Jan/1790[liii]
  82. 1790 Shank land grants in Rockingham VA
  83. 1790-95 Numerous land transactions for Christian and Catherine Eyman/Iman in Hardy Co WV[liv]
  84. 1791 marriage Maria Eymann (of Manor) and Daniel Leyman (Lyman?)11/1/1791[lv] (Irish, Pennsylvanid German Marriages)
  85. 1792 Abraham marries Susanna Wetstone (Whetstone)VA 4/27/1792 - by Valentine Powers
  86. 1792 Christian Eyman purchased and sold on the same day Manor lands to Christian Herr[lvi].
  87. 1793 Catharine Emen letters of administration granted April 3, 1793 to Jacob Emen, Dauphin Co, Pa.[lvii]
  88. 1793 Franey Eyman, Philadelphia County taxes
  89. 1794 Anna Eyeman (former) dies shortly after marrying John Lenzel/Senzel?[lviii]
  90. 1794 Jacob and Abraham Eyman appear on Hardy Tax Rolls for the first time
  91. 1794 Christian Eyman buys Martic land from Martin Bayer et. al. [lix]
  92. 1794 Jacob and Abraham Eyman first appear in Hardy Co.
  93. 1795 Henrich Hummeler, Nicetown, five miles from Philadelphia, advertises that his German servant, Francis Einmann, 25-30 years old, ran away.
  94. 1795-7 Jacob and Barbara buy and sell Hummelstown property[lx]
  95. 1796 First Reformed Church notes Anna Maria Eiman and Henry Eiman taking communion on May 15, 1796
  96. 1796 Badgley migration: 154 people from Hardy to New Design, established 1786 by Rev. James Lemen, friend of Thomas Jefferson
  97. 1796 Henry Eymans migrate to Rockingham[lxi]
  98. 1796 Christian Eyman buys Martic land from Daniel Brenneman[lxii]
  99. 1796 - 98 Abraham Eyman “Virginia Improvement" 100 acres close to New Design, St. Clair[lxiii]
  100. 1797 Peter Eyman purchases Whetstone land in Hardy
  101. 1799 Abraham, court of Quarter Sesssion Cahokia[lxiv]
  102. 1800 Christian Eiman federal census Conestoga - adjoining Daniel Brenneman[lxv]
  103. 1800 Christian Lancaster family[lxvi]
  104. 1801 Christian Eyman of PA administrates estate of Rudy Graybill<1752> with wife Magdalena/Margaret. According to Richard Warren Davis, Rudy was son of Peter Greybill <1730> who died in Manor Township.[lxvii]
  105. 1801-03 Abraham moves to Belleville[lxviii]
  106. 1802 Rudolph Hire married Mary Ann Iman 2 Dec 1802 in Allegheny Co., MD.[lxix]
  107. 1803 Jacob Eiman Tavern Permit granted by Westmoreland court[lxx]
  108. 1807 Jacob land acquired in Westmoreland County[lxxi]
  109. 1807 Polly (Mary) Eyman marries John Peeples Rockingham[lxxii]
  110. 1808 Jacob Eyman sells Hardy lands[lxxiii]
  111. 1810 census: Jacob Eyman shows on census in Westmoreland
  112. 1810 Jacob Eimon/Eiman affirms will of Peter Clase/Clason, Clason of Westmoreland Co.[lxxiv]
  113. 1811 fractur for Abraham, son of Christian Eyman and Susan Heis[lxxv]
  114. 1811 Henry Iman marries Catherine Sites Hardy - Hardy County web site[lxxvi]
  115. 1811 Eyman land sale of Mill Place plantation to Martin Garber[lxxvii]
  116. 1811 Susannah Eyman marries Jacob Cromer Rockingham[lxxviii]
  117. 1812 Henry Eyman Jr. marries Mary Bryan Rockingham[lxxix]
  118. 1813 Henry Iman, Private, Virginia Militia[lxxx]
  119. 1813 Elizabeth Eyman marries Joseph Strawsnider in Rockingham[lxxxi]
  120. 1815 Eyman as supervisor of Conestoga[lxxxii]
  121. 1816 Emanuel Iman marries Barbara Sites (both of Hardy) in Allegheny Co, MD
  122. 1816 -18 Christopher and Henry Iman listed as owners of livestock Ill[lxxxiii]
  123. 1817 Henry Eyman and family migrate from Rockingham to Richland Township, Fairfield Co, Ohio[lxxxiv]
  124. 1818 Henry Iman to St. Clair? [lxxxv]
  125. 1818 Daniel Eyman marries Barbara Alkire Hardy[lxxxvi]
  126. 1819 Daniel Iman and Barbara Alkire settle St. Charles Co 1818.
  127. 1820 2 census Illinois: state shows Christopher, federal Henry - same household
  128. 1820 Abraham Eyman Commissioner Bond Co. Ill
  129. 1820 Emanuel in WV census with 4 people. At marriage to Barbara Sites, may have removed to Washington CO, Kansas.
  130. 1822 death of a Christian Eyman - Fehl’s Farm[lxxxvii]
  131. 1823 C. Eyman returns from Germany/Switz? to New Orleans 9/30/1823 listed as merchant and citizen.[lxxxviii]
  132. 1823 Will of Jacob Eiman of Marion Co, Ohio[lxxxix]
  133. 1826 death of Susannah Eyman - Fehl’s[xc]
  134. 1828 Felix Grundy born Harrison Township, Monroe Ill[xci]
  135. 1832 Christian Eyman Land sale of Martic to Abraham Huber[xcii]
  136. 1834 Christian Eyman dies Conestoga - Fehl's farm with wife Susannah (Graybill, Heis?) - Lancaster wills/probates Book G, V1, p. 217[xciii]
  137. 1835 Christian Eyman Virginia Mill Place Plantation lands sold[xciv]

[i] Ulrich Eyman had an eldest son, Christian who arrived shortly after him. Much confusion about dates of birth, marriages, etc. Birth estimates range 1731-1745. Some say he married a Catherine, others a Susan Graybill or Heiss; though the presence on the scene of a son or nephew (grandson of Ulrich) born about 1760 may be a source of confusion

There are two Christian Eymans buried at Fehl's Farm in Conestoga very near Postlethwaite's Tavern, apparently near where Eyman lands were. According to (Graveyard on farm of Henry Lantz Fehl, by Albert H. Gerberich, Ph.D., Bethesda, Md.) This graveyard is on the north side of Long Lane on the site of old Postlewaite's Tavern, Conestoga Township, Lancaster Co., PA One gravestone apparently suggests a Christian who died in 1822 at age 82 (therefore likely birth 1740), and another died 9/6/1834 at age 74 (est birth 1760). A wife, Susanna, age 54 is also buried there, having died 3/1/26.(Not sure if she's the wife of the first or the second;-)

Graveyard on Farm of Henry Lantz Feill, by Gerberich – on the North side of Long Lane on the site of Postlethwaite's Tavern. Christian Eyman lived on the first farm West of Fehl on the same (N) side of Long Lane.

Eyman, Christian d 10/6/1822 aged 82

Eyman, Christian d 9/6/1834 age 74

Eyman, Susannah d 1826 age 54

Also buried here is Mary Brenneman, who was a Fehl who had married Henry Brenneman of Conestoga (1765-1820). Andreas and Barbara Fóhl, the ancestors of all Fehls. Fehls also lived in Manor and Martic.

[ii] "Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century by F. Edward Wright - Volume 2, Page 13 This April date is BEFORE any known Eymans arrived in America!!! (I've researched the name Gunkel, and they are described among the earliest members of the First Reformed Church. Egman is not Eyman, of course, though in records of the First Reformed Church, "Egman" was used to refer to Henry, the son of Ulrich, and also to the Jacob "Egman" of Upper Paxtang who married Barbara Jones.

[iii] Source: Pennsylvania German Pioneers by RALPH BEAVER STRASSBURGER, LL.D.

VOLUME I 1727 - 1775, Page 396-397

At the Statehouse at Philadelphia, Saturday, the 9th Septr 1749.

Present: The Honourable, the Governor.

The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Saint

Andrew, James Abercrombie, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Plymouth in

England, did this day take the usual Qualifications to the Government. By the

List 111. Persons 400 Palatines.

Note spelling: Jacob Eimann

[iv] Eymans were buried at Fehl’s farm in subsequent generations. Publications of the gravesite listings suggest the Eymans had a farm adjacent to the Fehl's property. This is likely the 76 acre farm sold after the death of a Christian Eyman in 1834. The court at that time had chartered a group of the family to explore division or sale of the land, and sale was chosen.This may be the same person as the Andrew Fehl who arrived in 1749 and settle din Manor, moving to Conestoga in 1764. Sons Jacob and Andrew. 50 burials, with most not marked before 1797. Note: the name is sometimes spelled Feill, Fael, Fehl, and in perhaps other ways.

[v] Reported by - Brumbach genealogy has a link to a Jacob Eman, but in a following generation. They assert that a Mary Brumbach of Chester married a Frederick Bingaman. Johntrk has details in a published genealogy. There is apparent discrepancy since a Frederick Bingaman is also have said to have married a Jost/Yoder widow.

[vi] This Christian may have married a Susannah Graybill or Heiss, and is likely the Christian who died 1834 (see notes on will and inventory of estate there). A Fractur in the possession of Robert Tissot related to the birth of Abraham Eyman, son of Christian and Susan Heiss suggests that Heiss was the wife. Parentage? Christian <1740>? grandson of Ulrich by an Ulrich who remained in Germany?

[vii] Based on name spelling, this may be the son of Jacob who arises in Upper Paxtang and goes to Hardy?

[viii] Son Christian by 1st wife, Maria Fuchs said to come soon. There are various elaborations on story of arrival of other Eymans, their relationships. Is it possible to learn more from ship lists? So can we find more on the "Hero" which on Saturday, 27th October 1764, did take and subscribe the usual "Qualifications". One of these was health. Also Note that Messrs Willing and Morris paid L15 on 21st of November, 1764 and that Thomas Willing was registered as "present" for the proceedings. Also there are 3 lists A, B, and C. The only lists we have seen is list B and list C. As far as Thomas Willing is concerned, was he the sponsor ?, an agent ? or a firm (Willing and Morris)?. Knowing exactly whom was with Ullrich would help termeniously. The will provides some information on who inherited from Ulrich. Others may have migrated with Christian, the eldest son.

[ix] An index to the wills books and intestate records of Lancaster county PA 1729-1850 p. 78

Iman, Ulrich 1785. Probate administrators: Mary/ Maria Iman, Melchior Brenneman. Other signers: official: Peter Hoofnagle. Others mentioned: Martin Bohm/Behm, John Grove, John(?) Groff. Items appraised included numerous fabric pieces, a large bible,18 books, 3 clocks. Also among the items were bonds of Abraham Stoner and George Scal/Seal. (See notes on Stoner)

Separately, noted on distribution p. 216 of a typed manuscript suggest distribution:

Mary Iman (Maria Agatha), widow 32 pounds

Christian Iman, eldest son 26 pounds

Adam Shank and Magdalena Iman 13 pounds

Mary Iman, another Daughter 13 pounds

Henry Iman, one of the sons 13 pounds

== Notes/speculations on those mentioned in will as witnesses, etc.:

A bond appears for an Abraham Stoner. There were Stoners in Lancaster who had inter-married with Keagy and Brenneman. Catherine Brenneman, born Germany, daughter of Melchior Sr. and brother of Melchior Jr. married John Steiner and had Abraham Stoner <1734-1803>. No evidence of descendants.

(Swamp) John Groff was born 1715. He married Anna Herr and was a large landowner in Martic, where he owned a portion of his father in law’s farm. He married (2) Catherine Eshleman, a widower, died 1777 and had a son John. John was thought the son of Hans Groff, who had up to 1400 acres on Conestoga. There were other John Groffs in the Lancaster area. This Herr may or may not be related to Christian Herr of Conestoga, with whom future Christian Eymans are associated.

George Seal is not found in the Conestoga area, though in 1779 there was one in Upper Paxtang - Wiconisco in particular. This is very near Upper Paxtang where Jacob Eiman appears on tax rolls. A will has been said to appear for George Seal in an index of wills for Dauphin and may be a source of relevant information.

[x] Magdalena was a daughter of Ulrich and mentioned in Ulrich’s will. Magdalena and Adam lived in Berks and migrated to Rockingham.

[xi] Melchior Brenneman, who helped Ulrich’s wife Maria Agagatha in settlement of estate is nominated guardian.

[xii] This is thought to be Maria Agatha, the widow of Ulrich who died 2 years earlier? It is assumed that Ulrich was Mennonite, as likely was his first wife, Maria Fuchs. The second wife may have been more "church" oriented and a member of "Reformed" congregations.

[xiii] Mormons say Christian Eyman <1741> and Catherine, who would be the Christian of Hardy County VA. Others say that Abraham was the son of Abraham Sr. <1720-25> and Ann Ruth Stookey. Little information is yet available to calibrate the birthdate of Christian, son of Jacob. It is possible that the Jacob <1725> of Upper Paxtang fathered Christian, Jacob of Jacob Eyman and Barbara Jones, Peter, and Abraham. Accounts of Abraham <1767> strongly tie Abraham to "Lancaster", though it's not known in which contexts "Lancaster" is referring to the city of Lancaster, and in which it's referring to the very large county of Lancaster, of which Upper Paxtang was once a part. The account of one descendant of Abraham suggests that Abraham <1767> was the "son of an Abraham" who migrated when he was 14 years old. This account is difficult to reconcile with available data. The account is unclear as to whether it was Abraham <1767> or the father who was 14 years old at the time of arrival.

[xiv] Magdalena was a second wife of Abraham and outlived him, migrating to Ohio in the 1820s or so.

[xv] This is the first clear location of a Jacob Eyman found to date. This may be Jacob <1725> who arrived on the St. Andrews and was found in an early colonial census in Philadelphia township and county.

[xvi] In March of1771, a Christian Eyman (described as from Bethel Township of Lancaster County) sold 100+ acres to John Crane and wife Margaret for $1. Noted in the deed is that the land is close to that of “Eaeman his father" -- granted by the 'Propit’ -- suggesting and early land grant yet to be discovered. Research shows that the Crane family also went by the more Germanic names of Johannes and Margaretha Craine/Crine. The land involved was sold the same year for 27 pounds PA to an Abraham Terrie. According to correspondents familiar with the deed of sale to Terrie, the land was described as Mahantango Creek in Penn’s Township -- with the owner in Greenwood Township Cumberland County. [Cumberland land rec: Volume 1, Book C, Page 247) One year prior to this transaction, Terrie had also gotten from Crane, in 1770, 150 acres on a branch of the Cocolamus Creek in Penn’s Township. [Cumberland County, Pennsylvania land records Volume 1, Book C, Page 246]

Several other comments and notes are justified here. This Christian is not found in the scant records available for Bethel Township of Lancaster County, though in 1770 there was a Jacob Eighman listed in the census. This land seems to be in the region of PA close to Upper Paxtang, but on the western frontier across the Susquehanna River. The father referred to may be Jacob <1725>. Is there a small probability that Ulrich had filed for land from the proprietor of Pennsylvania in 1764 upon arrival and never mad it to see the land? Is the Christian here the eldest son of Ulrich? The scant description of the land in the deed and the apparent low cost of sale have suggested to some observers that the seller may not have known what he was selling.

[xvii] Generally, "freeman" implies an unmarried renter. If this is the eldest son of Ulrich, and he is not married, where does the Christian Eyman <1760> come from? Was the designation of freeman used for the recording focusing more on the "renting"? More expert genealogists might help us interpret this listing.

[xviii] This name found in First Reformed Church records. Also in 1772, an Egman appeared on tax rolls for Paxtang?

[xix] In 1772, Lancaster court records show that an Isaac Lefever received distribution at settlement of estate for Philip Lefever. Philip had been the son of Issac Lefevre, a Hugenot proud of his French-German heritage. Lefevre was spelled in various ways. This was an early and well established family involved in a variety of religious affiliations. This Maria may be the widow of Ulrich. It should be noted that in the 1790s, a "Maria LeFevre" serves as sponsor of the baptisms of Henry's (young son of Ulrich) children about the time of his and Mary Sager/Seeger's migration to Rockingham Virginia.

[xx] Title: "Revolutionary Patriots of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1775-1783" by Henry C. Peden, Jr published by Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland in 2000, pages 82 and 83.

"Eyeman, Christopher, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, Col James Burd's fourth Battalion, March 13,1776, having gone into service in Nov or Dec of 1775 and present at the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Eyeman, Jacob, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, Col James Burd's fourth Battalion, March 13,1776, having gone into service in Nov or Dec of 1775 and present at the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Eyeman, Jacob, Private, Militia, Capt. James Murray's Company, who lost his pouch and horn at 'the reduction of Fort Washington on November 16, 1776'

Eyeman, Jacob, Took the Oath of Allegiance in the town of Lancaster (name of the Justice of Peace not given) in Nov 1778 (name first spelled Eylman, then corrected)."

Pennsylvania Archives Series 2

[xxi] DAR Application file: Henry Eyman/Eyeman (1) b 26 Jan 1758 Alsace Lorrain, died at Fairfield Co., OH 23 Apr 1850. Wife Mary Sager b. 13 Feb. 1761 at PA married 1782. Children Susan (m. Jacob Kumler), Polly (m. Jack Peebles), Henry Eyman Jr. b. 13 Feb 1788 Lancaster (m. Mary Bryan, b VA 1785, 1811 in VA), Elizabeth (m. Joseph Snider) Henry and his wife Mary Bryan also died in Fairfield Co., Ohio and had father Henry and mother Mary Sager. Henry Jr. had son William Sager Eyman b.1821 in Fairfield, who died 1887. Willam m. Sarah Linville in 1843 and the couple had an Isophena D. Eyman 1821 in Fairfield.

Henry served at the Battle of White Plains as a Private under Captain George Graeff, Samuel Haines Co., and Colonel Cunningham’s Co. and Samuel Henry Co., 1st Bat’l Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. Militia under Co. George Stewart.

DAR Application Number 767532, 1994. References National #413489, #145686, #58450

Battle of White Plains 1776

(note that both Henry and Christian of Conestoga seem to have served under Capt. Henry)

[xxii] This local tax finding should be verified since it’s apparently hard to read and may have critical information.

[xxiii] PA Archive card: Private 4th class, 7th Battalion, 4th Company Authority C/R 1777-80 Date: N.D.

[xxiv] This may be the Jacob of Paxtang. During this period of fervor, immigrants were required to sign loyalty oaths, though their children born in America were not. It's rather surprising that more evidence of Eymans signing such oaths in PA has not turned up.

[xxv] PA Archive card: 4th Battalion 1st company 4th class - under commander Robert Elder

[xxvi] PA Archive card: Lancaster 4th Battalion 1st Company 7th Class August 1778

[xxvii] PA Archive card: 4th Battalion 1st company 4th class - under commander Robert Elder

[xxviii] Reiff? This may be the Jacob Reiff, b vs. 1755 d. ca. 1807 resided Derry Twp., Dauphin. Married (1) Barbara Haldeman and (2) Mary____ Jacob’s brother, Christian Reiff, is known to have gone to Shenandoah VA near Woodstock, abutting Rockingham.

Try to find following article: several Reiffs in Dauphin Co. who are recorded in an article in the journal 'Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage', Vol. 22, No. 2, April 1999 published by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Road Lancaster PA 17602. The article on p.11, by Daniel Lehman, is "Descendants of the Three Mennonite Reiff Brothers".

the land sold by March of 1801 to a Jacob Hutts

[xxix] Source: djssports -- Curious finding. Does this relate to us?

[xxx] One questionable account: Christian Eyman/Eyeman (2) b 1760 Germany d. Lancaster 6 Sept 1834 (age 74) and his wife Susan Graybill b 1772 (1780?) Lancaster . Lancaster 01 Mar. 1826 (age 54 yrs). Marriage 1788 (1801?) bur Lantz-Fehl Farm burial Grounds, Conestoga Twp, Lancaster. Applicant a descendant of John Eyman b. 12 Dec 1793 (1801?) Lancaster, died Wayne CO., Ohio 1847. John married Mary Ann McMillan b. 1794 in 1824 at Lancaster. Died at Frankun, Wayne, OH, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Wayne

Reviewers note the availability of probate for Christian Eyman. No record provided showing wife; birth date assumes 18 at marriage. Wife not mentioned in 1834 probate.

Descendants consistent with 1834 probate, all born Lancaster: Catherine 1789 m Jacob Harnish at Lancaster. Trininty Lutheran church m: 29 Sept 1807 Anna (Nancy) Eyman 18 Jun 1791 m Adam Brenneman m:08 Jan 1811 John Eyman 12 Dec 1793 m Mary Ann Mc Millan 1824 Christian Eyman 11 March 1798 me. Maria Mary Martin m: 15 Mar 1811 Jacob Eyman b. 15 Feb 1805 m Eve Brenneman m: 02 Feb 1832 David Eyman b. 1808 m Elizabeth Bott Magdalena Eyman (unk b) m. Henry Farrer Abraham Eyman

Service: 4th Class, of the 1st Battalion of Lancaster Co., PA under Captain Samuel Henry’s command. Served as Private with Lancaster County Militia. The service was 1783 which was after he appeared on fine list in 1780-1781. Sources: PA Archives, 5th Series, Vo. 7. p.78-79. See also PA Archives, Series 3, Vol VI, p. 416-417, No. VIII, Captain Henry’s Co. 1780-1781, Fall. PA Archives, Series 6, Vol III p.563-564 5th Co., 7th Batt. Capt. Henry, 1784.

Residence during Rev: Lancaster CO., PA Conestoga Township. Found on Lancaster Co. tax list from Conestoga Twp for 1779, PA archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 17, p. 540 listed as a freeman.

DAR Application Number 786158, 1998.

(note that both Henry and Christian seem to have served under Capt. Henry)

[xxxi] PA Archive card: Lancaster 1st Company Capt. James Murray 10th Battalion Authority: Fine Return May 26, 1780 (Unclear what this means.. but it seems to relate to the Christian of Upper Paxtang)

[xxxii] Richard Yoder (deceased) cites: A New Index of Lancaster County before the Federal Census V2, Index to 1820 Tax Records, pg. 21.

(Other Cocalico notes: John/Abraham Landis from this area. Abraham married a Gunkel (Rosanna?). A John Gunkel had been baptized First Reformed in 1745 by Henry Egman.

[xxxiii] Found among the State of Accounts of the Lieutenant of Lancaster County, a listing for Christian Eyman during the period of March 1780 to March 1781. He was listed under Capt. Henry Company in the fall of 1780 and fined of 90 for non performance in the Militia. He did however, show up for duty March 1777 to March 1780 and Feb 1782 to Oct 1783 for he was not fined for non performance which usually was done when a member of the Militia did not show when the Militia was mustered.==Source: djssport

[xxxiv] PA Archive card: 5th class, 1st battalion, 6th company Lancaster

[xxxv] PA Archive card: Lancaster 1st Battalion 6th Company 4th Class. Marched C/R 1780-83

1781 Christian Eyman paid for substitute Aug-October Bastian Marquart

[xxxvi] Eyeman, Christy, Pvt, p. 236, Christley, p. 238 from an index of Cumberland Revolutionary War soldiers. Also PA card file shows him private in 5th company of 3rd Battalion on Aug 3, 1781. Under Samuel Irwin. He's serving under a Captain James Bell. It should be noted that among the soldiers of the same platoon with the 1779 service under Murray, there was a James Bell. Many of the soldiers in his company were from Allen Township of Cumberland County.

[xxxvii] PA Archive card: Cumberland 3rd Battalion 5th Company 1st class. Class list Aug 3, 1781

[xxxviii] Peter Eyman (3) b. 6 Jun 1762 Lancaster do. Fayette Co., Ohio 19 Feb 1844 m Hannah Whetstone (b 1768) in Hardy 1787. Hannah died 1842 also in Fayette.

Applicant is a descendant of Catherine Eyman, b. 1792 Hardy, who m. James Bryant in 1812 at Fayette Co, Ohio. James Bryant had been born hardy 1787. R. S. Dill’s 1881 History of Fayette Co, Ohio includes information on Hannah Whetstone on p. 848. Marriage records for Peter and Hannah are cited in the same book on p 848.

Chldren: Abraham b: 8 June 1789 m. Phebe Harper; Elizabeth m. Solomon Bonner; George m. Hannah Peterson; Christina m. John Barker; Catherine b: 1792 m. James Bryant; Peer m. Susanna?; Samuel b: 11 Jan 1797 m. 1) Elizabeth Rodgers, 2) Malinda Brown; Jacob b. 4 Dec 1798 m. Phoebe Hopkins; Sarah m. Samuel Stuckey; Susannah b. 1805 m. Jacob Painter; Mary b. 1807 m. ? Stokey

Peter served as a private in the Lancaster County Militia under Captain James Murray. Reference PA Archives; Series 5, Vol 7, p. 1030-1031 (3) DAR Application national 670335 10/1982

[xxxix] PA Archive card: 6th class, 1st battalion, 6th company Lancaster May 8, 1782

[xl] PA Archive card: 1st company, 10th Battalion Capt. James Murray 7th class. Remarks: ACQD True List

[xli] Note “Egman” vs. “Eyman”, and “Seeger” vs. “Sager”. Children: Sussana, Mary Poly, Elizabeth, Henry Jr.

[xlii] Note: Egmann vs Eyman, Seeger vs. Sager

[xliii] PA Archive card: 4th Battalion Capt. Murray’s company Fines List Remarks: 1777-80, dated Aug 11, 1784 fines: 21, 17, 6

[xliv] PA Archive card: Lancaster 4th Battalion Co: Capt. Murray. Remarks 1777-80 fines list dated Aug 11, 1784 fine: 6.10.10

[xlv] Richard Yoder (decs) cites PA 6th series Vol III, p. 564 w/ Henry

[xlvi] Richard Yoder (deceased) cites PA 6th series Vol III, p. 564 w/ Henry

[xlvii] Children thought to include Nancy 1791, Johan 1795, Henry 1798, Magdalena 1802, Jacob 1805, David 1808, Abraham 1811. This is most likely the Christian who died in 1834 and is buried at Fehl’s farm.

[xlviii] This is first finding for a Christian Eyman in Virginia that I’ve observed, although I’ve heard a report of a siting as early as 1782. I believe that’s not the case, and a problem of reading books with titles along the lines of “Virginia in 1780s” where different local tax years are involved in composing listings.

[xlix] Ronna Eyman Eagle asserted that Susannah was the daughter of Johannes and Sarah Graybill of Lancaster. This family has not been found. Others have indicated that Susan Graybill was the wife of Christian Eyman <1740> the son of Ulrich. In 1800 though, a Christian Eyman was involved in helping to arrange the affairs after the death of a Rudy Graybill, son of Peter who had died at Manor.

[l] Henry Eyman sold Lampeter land, likely in preparation for migration to Rockingham. Book KK page 349 Feb 3, 1789/ 1/18/1790. No effort has been expended to find when this land was acquired. The Maria who married Lefevre was described as being from Lampeter

[li] But when reseaching tax list and census's for that township no Eimans, Eyemans, Eyman or Eymann appear. Instead there is a Jacob Ehiman and a Henry Ehiman in 1790 for that township. Are they related to Eymans? Source: djssport

[lii] Christian Eimans was listed in 1790 Federal Census in Conestoga,

Lancaster County, Pa with 2 free white males over the age of 16, 1 free

white male under the age of 16 and 2 free white females. The dwelling next to

him was a Daniel Brenneman. In the Federal Census of 1800 Christian Eiman is

shown with 2 white males between 0 and 10, 1 white male between 10 and 16, 1

white male between 16 and 26, 1 white male between 26 and 45 and Daniel

Brenneman was no longer his neighbor. This Christian was probably about 36 or

37 at the time meaning he was born about 1763 and is probably the Christian

who had a will around 1834.

[liii] There were Shaffners in 1790 census, but not a John. There were a Henry and Peter from the Lancaster area, with Henry from Donegal. Not much web search for these. There are a number of Johns, but earlier, and many with First Reformed Church according to LDS listings..

shows a Daniel Schaffner in Dauphin with a son born 1857.

Martin Schaffner married Veronica/Feronica Halderman August 1782 at the Lykens Valley Reformed Church (Davids) in New Holland, Dauphin, Upper Paxtang. Burials at United Brethren cemeteries. They had Martin, Henry, Frederic, John, Christian, Ann (Fleisher), Feronica (Lintner) and Elizabeth (Keobpenheber). Here's a John in Paxtang, but too young to have married Catharine Egman in 1790.

Father of Martin Schaffner was Heinrich Schaffner. (1725-1785) Henry Shaffner died Sept 1800 Swatara Twp., Dauphiin. Wife Catherine, children David, Ann. See

[liv] Some of these are witnessed by Abraham Eyman. Several involve underlying financing. Most all lands (upwards of 500 acres) were sold for what appears small change in 1811 to a Martin Garber, head of the Brethren Church for Northern Virginia at the time, and a resident of Rockingham.

[lv] In the book Pennsylvaia Marriages on page 226. A marriage between Daniel Leyman and Maria Eymann is listed for Nov. 1, 1791 in Lancaster County. Next to Maria name is (Of Manor). Source djssport: Manor is a township of Lancaster County, Pa. But when reseaching tax list and census's for that township no Eimans, Eyemans, Eyman or Eymann appear. Instead there is a Jacob Ehiman and a Henry Ehiman in 1790 for that township. Source johnktr: date seems late for widow of Ulrich; may be a daughter of Ulrich or sister to the Paxtang Eymans.

[lvi] According to General Index to Deeds, Book PP, page 56, 59 document transactions on March 28, 1792. Christian purchased from or inherited from Peter Kuntz, Administrator. Peter and family appeared on the 1771 tax list for Lancaster Co. The land has been noted on an assessment list of Manor for 1780. It seems the property had been purchased as part of a will settlement? In web search I’ve found a document related to sale of assets of Peter Kuntz estate in 1792 (same year), and I have written for copies. Christian Herr may be the grandson of the Hans Herr whose home on Conestoga road is a landmark. Christian ultimately moved into Lancaster toward his last days.

A Christiana Eyerman/Eyeman married Christian Hershey Herr <1738-1811>. Herr’s mother had been Barbara Ann Bomberg Hershey <abt 1722 Lancaster>, his father Christian Herr (6/7/1720). Christian Herr also married a Frances (unk) (I have this name somewhere). (others show birth date of 1811 for Christian Herr who married Eyerman)- another shows death date of 1811. I’m not sure is this Christian Herr is the same person, nor that the Eyerman is an Eyman.

[lvii] It is interesting that there are records of a Jacob and Catherine Emen in Dauphin Co., PA. (I have seen no information about an Emen surname.) Note that the Letters of Administration for Catherine were granted in 1793 to Jacob Emen. From the tax list of Hardy Co., Jacob first appears in 1794. IF--this Jacob in Dauphin Co. is the same Jacob, then it might mean that he had settled the estate and moved to Hardy Co. where his brothers already were. What are the implications? Is this the wife of Jacob <1725> whose matters are being settled by him (Jacob), or his son (Jacob)?

[lviii] Index of Lancaster wills and estates. No helpful information provided in papers of administration. Deceased is described as the “former Anna Eyeman”. While some have considered this grounds to support the hypothesis of an "Abraham Sr.", one can question this theory. The husband of this "former Anna Eyeman" was listed as John Sensell. There was, in fact a John Sensel (spelling) living doors from Christian Eyman in the 1790 Conestoga census. He had in the household one male over 16, one male under 16, and one female in the house. and notes a listing for John Sensel of Lancaster in the American Genealogical-Biological Index (Volume 156, p., 142.. thought to be born 175? This estimated birth date doesn't fit with someone who would have married Abraham<1767>'s mother! In reviewing the census data, John should be the over 15 male, so it looks like he had one younger child born after 1774. Whoever this Anna is, she seems younger . She must have known the Christian in the neighborhood.

The census data for this Christian Eyman is also a bit puzzling. with 2 men over 16, one under 16, and two women. If Christian and Susan were married in 1787, they've been married 3 years. Perhaps Nancy, thought born 1791 came a little earlier? Are we mixing generations of Christians? If there are 2 men, might this not be Christian eldest son and Christian? Is the second woman Maria Agatha, or a wife of Christian?

[lix] Christian Eyman, according to book RR p. 623 on April 26 of 1794 bought land in Martic

[lx] Jacob Eyman buys lot #52 in Fredericks Town of Dauphin Co. from Peter Bettlion. This lot contained two residences, was sold two years later while Eymans were in Hardy. Land purchased from Peter Bettlion (whose daughter in 1804 married in the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church) included two residences on 2nd or 3rd street in what was then Frederick’s Town, and subsequently became called Hummelstown.

This land was sold to a David Eckstein, who served as educator in the town for over 20 years. Eckstein had served in the revolutionary war, and apparently as a bodyguard for George Washington. There are pictures and testimony for these assumptions at the Hummelstown Historical Society. Eckstein was involved in several paternity suits, including one charging him as having performed bastardy on a Miss Hummel who became his wife!;-) The deed was found in Dauphin, but involved paperwork from Hardy County VA court of Aug 26, 1797

[lxi] This date noted in DAR application

[lxii] Book YY page 530 suggests that on Oct 26, 1796, Christian Eyman bought land in Martic of Daniel Brenneman


This land near New Design, American Bottom. Seven miles the other side of Stookey Township to Abraham’s homestead in Belleville, purchased about 1802? notes that territorial papers suggest Abraham purchased of 100 acres land on November 1798. What happened to this land when Abraham migrated the short distance to Belleville? This may be the land that went to the hands of Henry Iman, andpossibly even the Christian Iman of Hardy. Section maps of Illinois suggest that the land is directly on county boundaries between St. Clair and Monroe, just a mile from Abraham’s farm close to “Dutch Hollow". In 1820, there is conflict between census records; one noting a Henry as head of household, another noting Christopher or Christian. These were reconciled toward Henry. Is this an old father buying land for a son and turning things over to him? In this home of Henry, there were an elderly male and female aside from the head of household who should have been about 40 years of age.

[lxiv] On July 2, 1799 - The court of Quarter Sessions convened at Chaokia, the name of those jurors of grand inquest: David Waddle, Leonard Harnish (is this Harnish related to those of Conestoga?), Nicolas Jarrot, Abraham Eyman, Joseph Carr, Camil Starr, James Garretson, Adam Strait, D. Brown, John O'Hara, Anthony Badgley, Solomon Shook, Jacob Short and John Scott. They indict Denois Valentin of Chaokia for keeping a billiard table, where money and other property is played for. They indict Frasier, a negro, for assault and battery on Therese, a free negro women of Chaokia.

[lxv] Christian Eimans was listed in 1790 Federal Census in Conestoga, Lancaster County, Pa with 2 free white males over the age of 16, 1 free white male under the age of 16 and 2 free white females. The dwelling next to him was a Daniel Brenneman. In the Federal Census of 1800 Christian Eiman is shown with 2 white males between 0 and 10, 1 white male between 10 and 16, 1 white male between 16 and 26, 1 white male between 26 and 45 and Daniel Brenneman was no longer his neighbor. This Christian was probably about 36 or 37 at the time meaning he was born about 1763 and is probably the Christian who had a will around 1834.

[lxvi] According to “Pennsylvania 1800 Census Index”, strange findings: 2 m <10, 1 m 10-16, 1 m 16-26, 1 m 25-45, 2 f 10-16, 1 f >45 (NB: Christian 25-45, but wife older?)

[lxvii] This must be the chap who married a Margaret, and for whom Christian Eyman served as a co-administrator. According to Richard Davis's Emigrants, Refuges and Prisoners Vol 2, p. 239, a Rudy Graybill <1752> Lancaster died about 1800 in Conestoga. Davis suggests that this Rudy <1752> was the son of a Peter Graybill <1730> who died in Manor Township. I've seen a number of web-based genealogies for that Peter Graybill of <1730>, but none list a Rudy of about 1752. I've seen lists of seven children born between 1754 and 1770, and it seems that Peter and most of his children have been sited in Cumberland and Frederick Co MD on the path to VA , NC and Ohio. Davis provides no information about the children of this Rudy Graybill, among whom I might suspect a Susan, wife of the estate administrator? (Many have posited that Christian married a Susan Graybill, but in pointing to partents the names are often different than Rudy.)

Rudy Graybil, <1752> died Conestoga. He owned 16 acres in Conestoga Twp. In 1790 he had 2 boys under 16 and 5 females. He was taxed as as freeman in 1771, 1775 and 1776, and as married in 1779 at Conestoga. He was taxed in Manor in 1780 as miller. He was taxed in 1783 and 1784 next to Peter and Jacob Graybill. Taxed at Conestoga in 1789 on 15 acres to 1800. His children were named in the orphan court records of Lancaster.

[lxviii] According to the History of St. Clair "In the years 1801 and 1802, settlements were made southwest of Belleville by John Teter, Abraham Eyman, William Miller, Martin Randleman, and Daniel Stookey. The founders of this colony were of Pennsylvania Dutch descent, and were industrious, moral upright citizens. Stookey and Eyman, in company with some others, came to Illinois in 1796 to explore that country, with a view to selecting a future location for their families. Traversing the country in the vicinity of the present city of Belleville, Stookey and Eyman selected the locations where afterward they settled in the prairie west and southwest of Belleville. Abraham Eyman brought his family to Illinois the next year. He first lived in the American Bottom, near Piggott's Station, then moved to New Design, and in the spring of the year 1801 settled four miles west of Belleville. He was a good citizen and once represented the county in the Legislature. He died in the neighborhood where he settled. He was preceded a few months by John Teter, who had a house already built when Eyman arrived. Teter once served as County Commissioner. Daniel Stookey, who was a brother-in-law of Eyman, came to the county in 1802 and settled on what is now the Stookey farm, two miles west of Belleville. He died in 1835, leaving nine children."

[lxix] Johntkr believes Nancy Iman who married Rudolph Hire in Allegheny Co., MD was the daughter of Christian Eyman of Hardy and Catherine. Nancy Eyman, born in 1783 and Mary Eyman, born in 1785. Nancy Eyman married Rudolph Hire and Mary married George Whetstone. One of Nancy's daughters married a son of the Whetstones.

[lxx] Tavern License Recommendations Westmoreland County June Term 1803 Jacob Eiman “Old Westmoreland Vol 10, Number 2” This is most likely to have been the Jacob Eyman of Upper Paxtang who married Barbara Jones. He is thought to have been living in Hardy at the time, but must have been planning a migration. There are other citations indicating Jacob's business dealings outside of the Virginia mountains.

[lxxi] 16 April 1807 - Deed Barnard Ruppert of Hempfield Twp., yeoman, and Franey (x) his wife, to Jacob Eiman, yeoman, land: 96 acre plantation in Hempfield Twp bounded by Wm Vandyke, Simon Drum, and James Wilson; being the same land which the Commonwealth, by patent dated 15 Dec 1798 (Patent book 34, page 500), granted to Ennion Willimans, and whihc Williams and his wife Margaret, by deed dated 10 Aug 1803, sold to Barnard Ruppert. OPrice : $768. Witnesses: Robert Dickey, J.P. and Hugh Brady.

[lxxii] daughter of Henry Eyman and Mary Sager/Seeger

[lxxiii] Lands were difficult to sell in this period as people were migrating to locations with greater land security and availability. It’s interesting to note, however, that Jacob’s purchase in Westmoreland was not contingent upon any sale.

[lxxiv] Will Abstracts, Westmoreland County Will Book I quoted in Old Westmoreland V II, Number 2

[lxxv] A Christian Eyman born about 1760 with various assumed parentages is sometimes thought to have married a Susan Graybill, sometimes a Susan Heiss. There is a record noting the Heilss marriage in 1787 at the First Reformed Church. Children attributed to the two families are nearly always identical. An estimated marriage date for the Graybill hypothesis is 1788; the very next year. In either case, it’s thought this woman is buried at Fehl’s Farm. No hard data for a Graybill connection has turned up, as noted in one DAR application which was forwarded with the Graybill assumption in force. A fractur demonstrating that Abraham, the youngest son of the pair was produced by Christian and Susan Heiss has been a determining factor for some family genealogists.

[lxxvi] This Henry is thought to be the son of Christian of Hardy, though there is no proof, and a closely related (in time) Henry from the Conestoga family has an unknown future.

[lxxvii] Christian remained in Hardy and was paying taxes until 1819. Some think he may have headed West with sons; most likely those who went to Illinois.

[lxxviii] daughter of Henry Eyman and Mary Sager/Seeger

[lxxix] son of Henry Eyman and Mary Sager/Seeger

[lxxx] Private on a muster roll of Capt. Andrew Lewis's company of the 121st regiment of the Virginia Militia, Botetourt County of the "Flying Camp" commanded by Col. James McDowell from July 10th to September 28th 1813.

[lxxxi] daughter of Henry Eyman and Mary Sager/Seeger


[lxxxiii] "History of Randolph, Monroe and Perry Counties, Ill"

[lxxxiv] Ronna Eyman Eagle shows deed of sale of Rockingham lands, and also deed of acquisition for Richland Township, Fairfield ?County 342 acres.

[lxxxv] This Henry thought to be son of Christian of Hardy. Djssprots says first date 1818.

[lxxxvi] Daniel, thought to be son of Christian and Catherine married Barbara Alkire in January 1, 1818 in Hardy by Jessie Hinkle. that same year they cam eto St. Charles, Missouri, coming through Sagamond County IL. They settled near Defiance in a bluff town called Hamburg, Mo. The nine children, including Solomon, are listed in the pioneer book, “Families of Missouri, Historical St. Charles”. johntkr: Daniel born about 1796 Hardy. Michael Alkire married Elizabeth Shobe. The Shobe/Hyre family is another one of the Hardy Co. branches. Michael's sister, Barbara married Daniel Iman, son of Christian Iman. Daniel was born about 1796, in Hardy Co., VA, married Barbara Alkire, 1 Jan 1818, in Hardy Co., VA. The family lived in St. Charles Co., MO.. They had nine children:Washington, Adam, Isaac, Daniel, Henry, Solomon, Katy, Mary and Mahala. Washington married Louisa Griggs. Adam was married first to Nancy Hancock, and after her death he married Virginia Thornhill. Daniel was married first to Elizabeth Hancock, and second to Martha A. McCutcheon, and third to Ann Brittle. Mary married John Urf, and Mahala married Benjamin F. Hancock." Also found David Iman and Nathaniel Iman listed in Henry County, Mo.

[lxxxvii] records documenting burials at Fehl’s farm suggest birth date of 1740. We know little about this Christian and his locations, etc. Thought to be the eldest son of Ulrich, this may or may not be the Christian of Hardy.

[lxxxviii] According to a ship record on, a C. Eyman arrived in New Orleans on Sept 30 1823 from Europe on the Ship Imperial. This person was listed as a merchant and a resident of the United States. He was said to have been about 57 years of age -- suggesting a birth date of 1766.

Immigrants to America, 1600s-1800s Immigration Records Passenger Arrivals in the U.S., 1821-1823, Passengers Who Arrived in the U.S., September - December 1823, Page 311 ©, December 31, 2001 Dave Jones suggested in correspondence possibility of notation of Switzerland as origin?

[lxxxix] DELAWARE COUNTY, OHIO WILL ABSTRACTS 1812-1825**From Will Book 1, numbers in parenthesis indicate pages on which record may be found.

EIMAN, Jacob of Marion Co., Ohio dated March 31, 1823; recorded July, 1823. Wife, Barbara. Sons: Eldest son, John Eiman, deceased, his heirs (not named), Jacob Eiman. Daughters: Katherine Dunmire, Betsey Hancock, Barbara Brown, Mary Eiman, Sally Eiman and Anna. Executors: Son, Jacob and Daniel Jones. Signed: Jacob Eiman. Witnesses: John Reed, George (mark) Hancock and Samuel Ferrill.

[xc] cemetery data suggest she died at age 54, therefore birth date of 1772

[xci] Son of Christley/Christian Iman and Mary Whiteside. This couple was married in 1828 in Monroe County Illinois. Notice upon the death of this couple in 1850 of cholera suggested that in 1850, Christley was 50 years old, and that he’d hailed from Virginia.

[xcii] Book D, V6 p. 329March 30 1832 / Jun 30 1835 - Abraham was the son of John Huber, a Swiss immigrant and early settler of Martic. There are Hubers buried at old Byerland Mennonite .

[xciii] Cemetery information suggests age 74 at death. Therefore it’s thought this Christian was born about 1760; some think he was brought to American by grandfather, though he doesn’t appear in the estate papers. Will and settlement available; substantial goods and sale of 76 acre farm. This Christian seems to be that with a Susannah buried at Fehl’s farm. Children noted in will. Conestoga was the township of residence when an inventory of the estate was taken the year before his death. He died 6 Sept. 1834 and listed children in his will: John, Christian, Jacob, David, Abraham, Catharine (Harnish), Nancy (Brenneman). Nancy was later the wife of Henry Farrer. One can surmise that Christian was in failing health and asked for an "inventory" before his death. The actual inventory was filed 10 days after the recorded date of death.

Christian's estate was valued at $13,024.50, which was a considerable sum in 1834. As part of the estate, a group was designated to decide what to do with the 76 acres of family land. Ultimately it was sold.

Other stray notes:

"Our early records of Christian indicate that he was a Mennonite. However, four of his children were married in the Lancaster Trinity Lutheran Church. Catharine, Anna or Nancy, Christian and Jacob. It was not unusual for Mennonites to be married in Lutheran or other churches. The marriages performed in Mennonite churches were more by acclimation and not solemnized by a certified minister. Therefore some Mennonites were married by registered preachers and thus their children would not have any difficulty in establishing their legitimacy. All of Christian and Susanna's children migrated to Wayne County, Ohio and established their families there. He is buried in Lantz-Fehl Farm Burial Ground, Conestoga Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. His grave marker shows a death date of 9/6/1834, age 74. From this it has been deduced that he was born in 1760. Susanna, his wife, died 3/1/1826, age 54. There is a note in the cemetery records that says: "Christian Eyman lived on the first farm west of H.L. Fehl on the same side of Long Lane."

[xciv] Administators of the estate sold 76 acres to John Warfel: Book K, Vol 6, p. 250 on April 1, 1835 / Jan 30 1836