Iman family notes

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Torsten Eymann's pages contain documents, a database and references to other researchers for the genealogy of the family names of EYMANN, EYMAN, IMAN, etc. Geographically and historically, this site covers Germany, Switzerland and USA. Includes several historical articles and an inventory of ship passengers.

Thorsten Eymann's database of Eymanns
Torsten, working with Wolfgang Eyman in Switzerland have an extremely large database of Eymanns from around the world. This set of ged-com files is, unfortunately, widely copied and posted on the Internet. Best always, to stick with the current and updated version of this massive database.

Eyman Discussion Forum @ genforum
Perhaps the most popular of the Internet forums focusing on Eymans. Though we spell our name many ways, most have settled on this board as a place to post and stay up to date.

Eyman Discussion Forum @
In addition to the forum above, there is an Eyman forum at Check in from time to time.

Eiman Discussion Forum @
Perhaps the first American, Jacob Eyman, seems to have known himself as an Eiman. Many later migrants, and in particular it seems those from Alsace often considered themselves 'Eimans'.

Iman Discussion Forum @
There are many stories as to how some of us came to know ourselves as "Iman". Primarily, most Americans with this name seem to have derived from the branch of the family which lived in Virginia, though Ulrich Eyman of Lancaster was sometimes described as "Iman" in court records.

Steffisburg Tour
A delightful website for visiting the home region of Eymans. The site was developed by a Yoder, another of those Swiss names becomes very familiar to any person who studies our family.

Pictures of the Palatinate
Lyle Von Riesen, who has studied the Krehbiel family and other Anabaptist families shares some interesting photos from the Rheinland.

Swiss Heraldry
Jurgen Hartmann, a Swedish chap has developed a website on "wappen" for Swiss families. The page are in Swedish though.. so I'd go there, clip a bit of text, then do a "google search" and ask to "translate the page".

Lancaster County Historical Society
Among the best of many websites focusing on German American genealogy of Pennsylvania.

Dauphin County Genealogy Resource Center
Some interesting historical materials, though few references to the Eymans or Imans who lived there.

Hardy County Genealogy
Lots of Americans have roots going back to this part of the country. The outer-reaches of Virginia were as far as one could get before the Ohio Land Company opened it's doors and the west was opened.

Illinois Trails History & Genealogy
Good information for both Monroe and St. Clair county Imans and Eymans

Monroe County Illinois GenWeb

St. Clair County Illinois GenWeb

St. Clair Genealogical Society

Skamania County GenWeb