Iman family notes

Virginia timeline

Christian Eyman was often described as Iman. Many believe that he was the son of Ulrich of Lancaster and Conestoga. He may well have been a son of Jacob Eiman <1725> who arrived in America in 1749. We suspect that all Hardy County VA Eymans were from the Upper Paxtang wing of the family.

Christian and Jacob, patriots from Upper Paxtang seem to be slightly older than Peter Eyman, who served in the revolution for Paxtang at a later date, and Abraham, the Illinois pioneer.

A younger Jacob, and Emmanuel, thought to be sons of Christian and Catherine "Katy" remained in West Virginia, while Daniel and Christian headed West.


Christian Iman with 2 tithables[1] One is himself; the other may be a son or relative over whatever age was used in 1786 to define "tithable" -- perhaps 16 or 21. (If this is a son, then we're talking about a birth of Christian maybe 1786-16-20=1750 or earlier. Chances are we have a brother. See discrepancy with 1787 Hardy tax.


Christian appears in Hardy personal tax with no children 16-21, but one person in the household over 21 (himself). Also seems to be paying tax for another individual; perhaps Peter (see below), Abraham, a father?


Peter appears on tax rolls separately from Christian. Thought born 1762, he'd have been 25 or so.


Peter marries Hannah Whetstone


Iman properties assembled of previous Northern Neck grants to Joshua Pettit for one part, Valentine Cooper, assignee of John Steth for the other. Deeds recorded 1792-3 500 acres, may have included trust deed to a Valentine Cooper? Abraham's name shows as deed witness on Christian's deed. Name of John Painther (Bainter) appears as witness, as does that of John Spillman. Spillman sells property to Jacob. Bainter family subsequently pioneers to Illinois


Abraham Iman marries Susannah Whetstone in Hardy. By Valentine Powers (Tor says 1790 Moorefield)


Sublease or sale of acreage to a Jacob Rorer (Borer), whose will is available; descendants move to New Design


Iman is assigned Northern Neck 30 acres of John Mace on E. Fork of Turning Mill Run on South Branch of Potowmack. This John Mace must be son of the father shot by militia on suspicion of involvement with Torries


First year Jacob and Abraham appear on tax rolls


Jacob assigned lands of a Stephen Hodge. Bainter name appears as witness. These may or may not involve that of the preacher Anthony Badgley – indefinite location small acreage. The son of Badgley later lead an expedition to Illinois in 1797. Jacob doesn't seem to have been a participant, and moved back to Westmoreland PA, and from there perhaps into Ohio.


Abraham exploring Illinois, staking land claims. He gets others later as a vet of 1812. He is affiliated in the minds of some with Badgely's fateful expedition. In 1810 (if not before), he moves out of New Design toward Belleville, which becomes a center of German immigration. Abraham resides adjoining to Daniel Stookey, a brother-in-law, though they seem to have some falling out.


Peter buying lands of George Whetstone 114 acres


Jacob buying more lands of Spillman 200+ acres. Deed is witnessed by Stump, one of the very largest land owners in the area.


Catherine Iman marries Henry Landes – check to verify in EL Judy.


Peter sells lands and moves to Ohio


Christian takes trust deed on 300 acres of Mill Place from John Hopewell & McMechan. The loan is released the same year


Jacob deeds or sells 131 acres of land to Tetrice/Dietrich, and moves to Westmoreland PA. Dietrich is a "dunkard" arriving or having resided there from Westmoreland, and the son of a key religious person in the congregation there.


Christian 1 tithable, 2 horses

Henry 1 tithable, 1 horse


Christian takes trust deed on 648(?) acres from Cyrus B. Baldwin. Chas. Lobb files papers related to this in 1811.


Henry marries Catherine Sites


Valentine Cooper releases interest in 170 acres of Iman lands. Interesting; seems Iman had taken this on as an investment. Wish we could learn more. Coopers were gunsmiths, tanners, shoe manufacturers, probably distillers. Contractual arrangements behind the release don't seem to have been recorded.


Christian:Sale of Mill Place to Martin Garber of Rockingham for 200 VA dollars. Very complicated and suspicious transaction. More to be learned. Catherine, unable to appear, is sent representatives of the court to secure her approval. Shobe and Fisher family representatives compose the visitation party. Shobe was a very wealthy farmer with slaves; he bequeathed a slave to each child in his will.


Jacob Eyman buys "one big Bible" at sale of goods of Jacob Landis who had died on S. Mill Creek. Martin Garber had done survey on Jacob's lands.. perhaps for a purchase to support the estate. Landis had died without will; the wife had to buy a table, dutch oven, bed, stove, two horses, calf, woman's saddle. Other neighbors supporting the sale included sons John and Jacob, Caleb Peacock, a son-in-law, Hinkles, Alkires, Peterson, Judy, Harness, Crites, Kessel, Sites, Neff, Weese, Eyman .


Seithman Homan settlement 1812 Exec Peter Hyre, accts of Christian Eyman notes: 1812 - 32.64, 1807-1817 $19.87, totaling 52.51—sounds like Iman taking on obligations.



Jacob marries Frony Rohrbaugh


Eyman, Christian 2(7?) tithables 1 horse, two other taxes for a substantial sum in comparison with neighbors (strange since the mills had been sold?)

Eyman, Jacob 1 tithable no tax[2]


Adam Fisher sale March 1816 Administered by William Fisher: Buyer Henry Iman brown mare $50.95


A James must have been born.. died 1893 of unknown parents at age 77 – had married Catherine Sites

Emanuel marries Barbara Sites in MD


Daniel marries Barbara Alkire


Jacob is listed as having note for $20 – Henry Shirt appraiser by John Clark Jacob under "list of notes"


Mongold settlement acct of Jacob Iman. Cash paid Jacob Iman for coffin for deceased $1.50


Emanuel with family of 4

Jacob with family of 8


Rudolph Shobe (big) settlement 30 March 1821 Acct: Henry Iman Received of Henry $7.00


Abraham Stookey Settlement – Sale bill and settlement of estate (no Iman)


A Jacob Jr. born Married Mary Ellen Lewis before 1849. (Lyle) A Jacob of unknown parent died 1897 thought to be 73 as reported by son Jacob


In 1848 William Iman (son of Emanuel) purchased a 3600 acre tract of land between North and South Mill Creek from estate of Saul McMechen. Tract was then distributed to James Iman, James George, Jacob Iman, Solomon Crites, and Simeon Kesner.


[1] Fothergill and Naugle, 1782-87 Virginia Taxpayers (relies on 1786 Hardy taxes)

[2] Hardy County Tax