Iman family notes

Ray Iman

Ray was born May 27, 1911 in Portland. He attended Cleveland High School in Seattle and captained a number of sports teams. In setting out for a career he took courses and taught himself electric motors. He founded Iman Electric in Seattle. On June 30 of 1939, Ray married Carlotta Ester Cook, our mother.

They lived in Seattle and spent a great deal of time at their summer cabin on Camano Island. Ray was handy at nearly all practical skills related to carpentry and construction, so always had a million projects in laying concrete, fixing crab-traps, making fishing lures or smelt rakes, building garages or bunk-rooms for the many visiting kids of family friends.

Always a "kid" at heart, Ray loved nothing more than hunting, fishing, hiking, or blackberry and huckleberry picking in some woods. He was always talking people into coming along with him. Ray had many, many friends.

Ray died in a boating accident while fishing in June of 1968. Literally hundreds of people who knew him from business, sporting, or neighborhood lives turned out at what was expected to be a very small funeral.

Ray and "Carla" (or or "Duckie") sprang Stephen (Steve) and Jay about seventeen months apart in 1940 and 1942.

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