Iman family notes

Iman Cemetery (1)




The Iman Cemetery is located in the Iman Rock Creek Tracts in Section 36, T. 3 N., R. 7 E.W.M. and contains one acre. The cemetery was established in about 1901 by Louis Felix Iman for members of the Iman family. The cemetery is included within the Rock Creek Tracts and is owned by Edith Holien.

There are approximately fifty graves in the cemetery and except for a couple of graves all are related to the Iman family.

Mrs. McCafferty and Tonnie Lundy do most of the maintenance on the cemetery. Mrs. McCafferty puts artificial flowers on all the graves every year.

Mrs. McCafferty told me she would not permit anyone other than family members to be buried in the cemetery. This is primarily because it has always been a family cemetery and there is limited amount of remaining ground which is not too rocky for burial. She noted that relatives of non-family who are now buried in the cemetery do not care for the graves.

(1) Skamania County Commissioners Planning Commission Report, April 5, 1972.

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There is also an Eyman cemetery in nearby Carson, Washington for the family of Felix's brother, Louis/Lewis Eyman. In order to learn more, please visit this link.