Iman family notes

Jeremiah Iman - "Jerry"

Jeremiah, born August of 1874 in Washington. "Jerry" married Verena E. Card from Portland, who became our grandmother. These Imans homestead in a variety of parts of Oregon and Washington State where "Grandpa" could work on roads. "Jerry" died in Seattle lin 1967.


  • Rosalie E., born in Oregon in 1910, who married Wesley Decker and lived most of her life in the Seattle area.
  • Raymond Stephen, born May 27, 1911 in Portland. On June 30 of 1939, Ray married Carlotta Ester Cook, our mother. Ray died in a boating accident while fishing in 1968.
  • Jerry G., born 1914 in Oregon. He married Grace and had one son. Jerry and Ray were close throughout their lives and often worked together as electric motor repair persons.
  • Jean J., born in 1915 in Oregon died in August of 1941 from tuberculosis. She'd been a well known pianist and once played for Margaret Truman, daughter of the president.

"Jerry" with his father Theodore; probably in the early 1900s. Hunters and fishermen to the core, it looks like they were out for some ducks or geese!