Iman family notes


The Imans and related families meet in a public park in Stevenson, Washington each year for a great reunion. Here's an example of what happens when the Imans, Moores, Shawcross, Bevans, Tritto, Woodward, and Manning clans get together with the Hydukes, Alberts, Browns, and Ruby families.

Flora Adalia Iman was born March 24, 1856 at the Upper Cascades (Stevenson, Washington). She was long the oldest living native daughter of Skamania County and is thought to be the first white child born in the county. She married a Norwegian by the name of Charles Morgan at seventeen, and later decided she'd be happier with Ira Foster, (an Iowa transplant) with whom she had seven children. She was a housewife, a good piano player, made great homemade noodles and patchwork quilts. She died as Mrs. Flora A. Nix. in 1949 shortly after her 93rd birthday

Flora with her family at Yuletide in 1950. Fron the left are Hattie, Lena (Leana), Ira, Betty, Flora, Ruby (Moore), Pearl, and Fenner.

Leo Moore Sr. at the cabin presented to him upon retirement from the U.S. Forest Service, Gifford Pinochet National Forest near Carson, Washington.

Ruby and Leo Moore

Ruby Moore Jr., 1927

Sons of Ruby Moore: (from left) Walt Bevans, Wade Bevans, Glen Gevans, Sam Moore, Kelly Moore, Leo Moore Jr.

Ruby Moore's dauther, Iola Moore Albert and Alfred Albert on their 50th anniversary -- with their children 9j 1997 (from left) Lori Brown, Lisa Brown (Goff), Virginia Brown, Darrell Brown Jr., Melody Grown-Shinokis

Jack Estes, the step-father of Alfred Albert, and mother Sarah Luvside - 1942

Ruby Moore Sweeny

Ray and Norris Joyce

Unknown soujourners from a family album -- perhaps same as below.

Mary Moore (Iola's sister) at home in Stevenson with 3-year old Alfred Jr., 2 years old in 1938.

Lena and Hattie, daughters of Flora Iman with children, on tour to Salt Lake, Utah.