Iman family notes

Theodore Columbus Iman

Theodore Columbus Iman was the first son of the Stevenson Imans. He was born across the river in Cascade Locks on August 23, 1854. He was a mail carrier and carpenter and lived at Stevenson.

In April of 1878 he married Emma Kyler, who had been born in Nebraska. Theodore and Emma had 4 children; Jeremia "Jerry", Ida M., Elmer B., and Francis E. Iman. Emma died in the year 1900. The next year, Theodore married Mary Anna "Marie" Kirchner Rosier who had been born about 1858 in Canada. Theodore and Emma are both in the Iman Cemetery in Stevenson.

Children of Theodore and Emma:

  • Jeremiah, born August of 1874 in Washington. "Jerry" married Verena E. Card from Portland, who became our grandmother. "Jerry" died in Seattle lin 1967.
  • Ida M., born in May of 1882, who married a Wilbur Johnson.
  • Elmer B., born January of 1897. Elmer married Tessie (Not pictured below).
  • Francis E., born in 1899. Francis married Perl.